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If you are a firearm enthusiast who prefers to use the shotgun, then you might have heard about KelTec. KelTec CNC Industries Inc., commonly known as just KelTec, is said to have pioneered the style of concealed carry handguns. George Kellgren started this company in Cocoa, Florida in the year 1991. The company currently employs […]

What to Expect in a Pistol Training Course 

If you are up for pistol training, then you need to be prepared. Here are some guidelines for you. This aims to assist the start of your journey towards pistol use proficiency. Before the Training Bring an open mind. You may have a background in guns but taking the course is a conscious recognition that […]

Glock As The Popular Handgun 

Handguns, firearms that are used using one hand, were known across Europe starting in the 1380s. Yes, it has been here for centuries and it is not surprising why it is here to stay.  Arguably one of the most famous handguns, named after its designer, is the Glock. Gaston Glock, an engineer and manufacturer, made […]

50Th Anniversary of the Son Tay Raid 

November 21 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most, if not the most, well-executed rescue operations related to the Vietnam War. It was a tight collaboration between the Navy, Army, and Air Force. The Son Tay Raid in 1970, also known as Operation Ivory Coast / Operation Kingpin, aimed to rescue as many […]

Zeroing Basics 

There are four important factors that will decide if your zeroing mission will be successful or not. 1) Utilize the correct target. Shooting at the correct target and not a target belonging to another lane is the first obvious step, but as an Instructor I have seen it happen. I am also referring to specific […]

A Recent Student Experience at Vigilant Security Services 

A little about me and my start into tactical rifle and shotgun training…               Hello, my name is Jacqueline. I am 135 pounds soaking wet, and I have no previous rifle experience, so I am what people would consider a “virgin shooter” when it comes to shooting rifles and […]

What Do You Carry? 

A common question that I am often asked in different variations is, ”What pistol do you carry for everyday carry, for an application of fire, or when the environment is unknown?” I looked at some blogs that provide more of a form of advertisement or to get key words circulated around cyberspace. What are the […]

New Firearms Enthusiasts Are Welcome Here 

National events continue to offer uncertainty as some cities defund police departments and attacks on regular citizens continue to increase. Defending the lives of our family, friends, and ourselves is as important as knowing how to drive or keeping a reserve of food and potable water. And while learning how to shoot and apply defensive […]

Handgun Safety 

SAFETY FIRST! IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Handgun Safety – Safety with handguns is one of the most critical aspects of handgun training. Because of the size and portability of handguns, they are prone to being inadvertently pointed in directions that the possessor does not intentionally desire. Often when an individual is addressed while holding a handgun, […]

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