Foreign Weapons

The army foreign weapons course not only focuses on the weapons and their functions, but also provides instructor development. The instructor development program turns students into instructors enhancing mission capabilities.

This is an army foreign weapons course. Many of the weapons featured in the course are military weapons that can be used by either enemy or friendly forces. In the event personnel are captured, part of the escape plan may be to acquire a foreign weapon to aid in the escape and evasion plan. Another popular use of foreign weapons is so operators can gain access to a foreign location, acquire a weapon quickly, and blend in. The foreign ammunition already present in conflict areas can also keep the foreign weapons very well prepared for battle. The knowledge on how to deploy these foreign weapons will provide confidence operating side by side with friendly foreign militaries, militias, and groups. Many times developing forces or new recruits need to be provided military-style training, classroom and range time, on these foreign weapons. The instructor development course methods turn students into instructors in order to “train the trainer” multiplying unit capabilities for the mission of training United States allies. The pros and cons of the foreign weapon systems are provided as well so students will learn not only the function but also basic troubleshooting and maintenance. The instructor development program ensures that the lessons from the course will be passed along to future students wherever in the world that may be. The list of foreign weapons that are covered in the course are subject to change depending on the needs of the students taking the course. Many of the most popular foreign weapons covered in the course will use the foreign weapon book series written by Erik Lawrence.

Erik Lawrence

Specialist, instructor, author, entrepreneur, inventor, Green Beret, and security expert are simple words to describe Erik Lawrence. His patience, common sense, and caring demeanor carry through not only his books, but now in exciting new videos. Erik is kind, but is also a no-nonsense professional who knows when to turn up the volume when required.