If you are a firearm enthusiast who prefers to use the shotgun, then you might have heard about KelTec.

KelTec CNC Industries Inc., commonly known as just KelTec, is said to have pioneered the style of concealed carry handguns. George Kellgren started this company in Cocoa, Florida in the year 1991. The company currently employs more than 300 American citizens, mostly military veterans, that create quality firearms for their target market. Today, KelTec is considered among the top five handgun makers in the United States and perhaps one of the largest in the world.

In 2011, KelTec introduced the KSG shotgun. It revolutionized the tactical, pump-action shotguns. This shotgun, with its 3” shell chamber, might have mixed reviews with its initial release but next-generation improvements include a reset for the trigger, small shell tube peepholes, and its improved action release for ease of use.

The KSG shotgun is KelTec’s first entry in the 12-gauge market. It is fully capable of firing a variety of projectiles. Once you fire the shotgun, the small pellets can spread widely. It covers more area as opposed to only a single bullet in other firearms. This type of firearm is popularly used for hunting.

KelTec boasts of the KSG’s bullup design that gives the shotgun user extra capacity and standard velocity. This cutting-edge bullpup shotgun loads and ejects from the bottom and are completely ambidextrous.

In addition, the KSG can hold an astonishing amount of shells with its two magazine tubes. With the manual selector switch, the user can decide to do what they claim as the “world’s fastest reload” or ammunition change on the fly.

I must note though, that this is not the first time a shotgun design has a barrel placed under the magazine tubes along with its novel pump-forward action. This concept was introduced by an earlier design of Tony Neophytou from South Africa, the Neostead 2000. Yet, it struggled commercially from its launch and it also entails an additional cost to export. On the other hand, the KSG has been used by military forces around the world, probably to an extent due to its availability and its after-sales support. To date, the KSG has been widely used in South Korea, France, and the United Kingdom.

The design of the KSG was meticulously done and it paid attention to both efficiency and function. Aside from hunting, the KSG can be a good alternative for a self-defense shotgun and can be used for CQC (close-quarters combat) and other tactical scenarios. Its relatively small size makes it portable. It can be easily maneuvered in tight quarters, even inside your home, making it a formidable option for a home-defense gun.

Certainly, the KelTec KSG was considered one of the most innovative shotguns in the market especially when it first came out. For those shotgun enthusiasts out there, the KSG is worth exploring as it “packs double the capacity of standard full-length shotguns and nearly triple or quadruple the capacity of shotguns of its same length.”  I can definitely say, this ain’t your grandpa’s shotgun!

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