Mobile Training

VSS also offers mobile training at your location. Most of our courses can be convened at the client’s location, as long as the appropriate accommodations are available (live‐fire range, classroom, etc.) One of the advantages of the mobile training course is that it is discreet. The mobile training team or MTT is comprised of the most highly qualified instructors and the best part is you can train where you live and have a break from travel. If you have a training event scheduled the MTT can also meet at that event. Ask VSS to create mobile training courses or use a current VSS course.

Erik Lawrence

Specialist, instructor, author, entrepreneur, inventor, Green Beret, and security expert are simple words to describe Erik Lawrence. His patience, common sense, and caring demeanor carry through not only his books, but now in exciting new videos. Erik is kind, but is also a no-nonsense professional who knows when to turn up the volume when required.