Paramilitary and Security Expert

Since his discharge from the Army, Erik has worked as an independent contractor overseas and has used his knowledge and skills to make our world a safer place through his labors as a business owner, trainer, and author. Throughout the global war on terror (GWOT), Erik has worked with the highest level members of government agencies, performing some of the most dangerous and sensitive operations. Often, Erik has been required to conduct operations with little direction and few resources but with great latitude to conduct missions to which few people would be entrusted. A paramilitary force has military style requirements and operations of a conventional army operation. Paramilitary training and paramilitary training courses were also overseen by Erik in some missions. “Growing up in Special Forces allowed me to make this a more natural extension of how I work and how I contract,” Erik comments. “Along with running businesses and writing books, these missions allowed me to evaluate situations from a subject-matter-expert perspective and reach the best conclusions with the least amount of time and consultation with upper command.” He adds that working in the most dangerous and austere countries as combat advisor and leading security expert has helped him perfect standard operating procedures that can be used for small units or even solo operators working in so-called non-permissive environments – “which means very dangerous,” he says. Here is a short list of some of the countries worked in, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Pakistan, Balochistan, and Kurkistan. As paramilitary operations are often the tool to avoiding military intervention, it is certain that the need for training and consulting will continue to increase.

Erik Lawrence

Specialist, instructor, author, entrepreneur, inventor, Green Beret, and security expert are simple words to describe Erik Lawrence. His patience, common sense, and caring demeanor carry through not only his books, but now in exciting new videos. Erik is kind, but is also a no-nonsense professional who knows when to turn up the volume when required.