Tactical Training

The tactical training course list is among the most comprehensive offered in the United States. Tactical response training as well as tactical weapons training build the students skills from basic introduction all the way up to world class skill levels.

Live fire training, instructor training, and force on force are integrated into some of the courses. Simunitions (SIMs) and ultimate training munitions (UTM) capabilities exist. For civilians that are wondering is there civilian tactical training near me? The answer is it depends. Nevada is an option but be advised that our MTT (mobile training team) may be appearing at a location near you for large classes. This is the list of tactical courses currently available. If you are a Training Officer or Training Sergeant and do not see a course for a subject your team needs, please consult with us. Instructor development is also available in the instructor development course.

Tactical Courses:

  • Foreign Weapons
  • Tactical Pistol 1
  •  Tactical Pistol 2
  • Tactical Carbine 1
  • Tactical Carbine 2
  • Precision Rifle 
  • Vulnerability Assessment 

For Law Enforcement and Government:

  • Basic SWAT
  • Advanced SWAT
  • Raid Planning
  • Surveillance 
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Tactical Pistol1 for LE
  • Tactical Pistol 2 For LE
  • Law Enforcement Hostage Survival
  •  Instructor Development

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