Vulnerability Assessment

Students begin the course learning, what is vulnerability assessment? After the answer is presented, building the vulnerability assessment team is the next step. The vulnerability assessment and penetration course will select a building or installation to assess. After the assessment and findings, the hazard vulnerability assessment is integrated into the report. Once the report is made it can be integrated into the force protection plan.

The best way to assess the security of any building or installation is to think like the enemy and how they would want to attack. Thinking about distance from other buildings, proximity to roads or highways, possible sniper positions, or incoming from mortars or RPGs are just some of the hazards constantly programmed almost naturally with experience. Most buildings in combat zones will have serious trouble spots for security. Instincts and training help with a quick stay but for a longer stay a detailed security plan should be enacted. Completing the vulnerability assessment course experience helps the student to look at every detail of the process. The steps ensure that a quality assessment will be completed. Team selection and the function of each team member will be discussed. After the vulnerability assessment, the information will be collected and analyzed. There are many factors to consider such as materials of the structure, guard force details, utilities, and communications. The time of day or weather can impact the reaction capabilities of a building or installation as well. After analysis, the information can be integrated into a report format. Now the full report, most specifically the findings of the hazard vulnerability assessment, can be applied to the Force Protection Plan. The vulnerability assessment is a very important tool in developing an all-inclusive Force Protection Plan so that critical details may not be overlooked.  After attending the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing course, students are more confident in their force protection planning capabilities and skills.

Erik Lawrence

Specialist, instructor, author, entrepreneur, inventor, Green Beret, and security expert are simple words to describe Erik Lawrence. His patience, common sense, and caring demeanor carry through not only his books, but now in exciting new videos. Erik is kind, but is also a no-nonsense professional who knows when to turn up the volume when required.