Weapons Handling

Weapon handling is an art that is much more than just point and shoot. The first lesson is always safety. After safety is understood, the instructor may move on to provide information on the operation of the weapon. After operation is explained, maintenance of the weapon will ensure that it is battle ready for the next session.

The weapon handling course covers the safety, operations, maintenance, but there is more. The weapon handling test is to see if a student can safely operate and use the weapon in a qualification course. Best weapon handling is the key as the student can be tested on the following, GPMG weapon handling test, AK47 weapon handling test, AR-15, M4 Carbine, Remington 870, Benelli Super 90, Glock, and just some of the pistol, rifle, or shotguns that are popular requests. Many students enjoy the AK47 weapon handling course alone as they never had a proper A to Z course on it. Students that want to compete at USPCA, IDPA, USCCA standards all with a Master class shooter. Weapon evaluations as well as rifle evaluations made from the expertise as a rifle manufacturer are available.

Erik Lawrence

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